How do you set the session mode parameters in bteq?

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Hello all, There is a table with 4 columns in that 3 columns has been already loaded with 5 million records.4th column is empty,Now I have got 5 million records data which has to be loaded into 4th column.How can I load this data fastly in to the 4th column with out using update

5 Answers   CTS, TCS,

How would you load a very large file in teradata in general? What utility would you use for it? Why?

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What is the function of parser component in teradata?

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Hi All, can anyone tell me how many types of Skew exists? whats the difference between amp skew,data skew,cpu skew, io skew, delta amp cpu ?

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What is the difference between global temporary tables and volatile temporary tables?

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What are the functions of a Parser?

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During the Display time, how is the sequence generated by Teradata?

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what is the difference between start schma and Fsldm?

5 Answers   Intel,

What are the different table types supported by teradata?

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Why Fload doesn’t support multiset table?

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Can we collect statistics on multiple columns?

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What is teradata? What are some primary characteristics of teradata?

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