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The screw thread commonly used for transmission of motion is one of the following types of threads

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More Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

what is Electrical BMS

3 Answers  

Pl.brief me about Electrical power distribution system from Main generating station to Industry.What is the use of in between station.

0 Answers   ARDE,

what is the instrument used for measuring insulator RESISTANCE

5 Answers   TATA, Transco,

Why there are some equipment(i.e:TV) that using 2-pin plug instead of three? What happen if there is current leakage? Are we going to get electric shock??

0 Answers   College School Exams Tests,

why three phase system is not preferred in aircrafts power cckts if yes than explain reasons?

3 Answers  

differentional compound gernater used for wielding porpose. why????????//

2 Answers  

How to calcualte the total number of cells required for particular UPS of some X KVA with 3 and 5 hours back-up?

1 Answers   JLL,

What is the difference between line Distance protection and Line Earth Fault Protection?

1 Answers  

In my project i am layout cables under the Maintainance bay /Maintainance yard in the TG Building. Whether in this route i can lay the H.T.Cables??? i am taking all H.T cables from the H.T Transformer to the TG Building..

1 Answers  

how to calculate a cable size while load is given in amp or kw and length is also define.?

1 Answers  

operation principle of a generator? Gss, Diesel and HFO which is better and why?

1 Answers  


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