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what will happen if there is no secondary allocation made for datasets?

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Is it slower if you access a record through alt index as compared to primary index?

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OPEN INPUT StudentFile READ StudentFile AT END SET EndOfStudentFile TO TRUE END-READ PERFORM UNTIL EndOfStudentFile DISPLAY StudentId SPACE StudentName SPACE CourseCode SPACE YOBirth READ StudentFile AT END SET EndOfStudentFile TO TRUE END-READ END-PERFORM CLOSE StudentFile STOP RUN what will be output

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What is an alternate index and path ?

2 Answers   Infosys, TCS,

What do you mean by dirty read ?

5 Answers  

How to rename one vsam file as well as it's index?

4 Answers   BEA,

Define gdg?

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Create syntax for a VSAM file ?

2 Answers   Xansa,

What more info you should give in the DD statement while defining the next generation of a GDG?

1 Answers   IBM,

what are the idcams commands that can be used for vsam and explain each of them.

0 Answers   IBM,

When CISZ is declared as 4096 at cluster level,is this true that data will have 4096 and index will have default?????

1 Answers   Wipro,

What are the common vsam error conditions and codes?

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what do you mean by idcams? Explain its purpose?

0 Answers   IBM,