Why is the sea water saline ?

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Why is the sea water saline ?..

Answer / nilanjan saha

Sea water has been defined as a weak solution of almost
everything and is indeed a complex solution of mineral salts
and of decayed biologic matter resulting from the teeming
life in the seas. Most of the ocean's salts were derived
from gradual processes such the breaking up of the cooled
igneous rocks of the Earth's crust by weathering and
erosion, the wearing down of mountains, and the dissolving
action of rains and streams which transported their mineral
washings to the sea. Some of the ocean's salts have been
dissolved from rocks and sediments below its floor. Other
sources of salts include the solid and gaseous materials
that escaped from the Earth's crust through volcanic vents
or that originated in the atmosphere.

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Why is the sea water saline ?..

Answer / senakshya sarkar

seawater is saline because of the dissolves minereals in
the water like sodium cloride,potassium,magnesium etc

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Why is the sea water saline ?..

Answer / guest

The sea contains solid rocks made of salt at its bottom.
Moreover, rivers also bring salt deposits.

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Why is the sea water saline ?..

Answer / avinashareddy

Sea water is complex
solution of mineral
salts &decayed
biological matter.most
of ocean salts derived
by erosion of earth
crust, volcunization.

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Why is the sea water saline ?..

Answer / satish

Water always contains dissolved solids with solution. These
may have been picked up from a variety of sources. As it
evaporates during it's cycle, the evaporated wate leaves
behind the dissolved soilds in the solution. The sea being
the largest water body, has to therefore hold these salts
left behind due to evaporation. This is a "concentration
mechanism". So the salt content ceaselessy build up in the

Other water bodies, like rivers, are not salty because they
are flowing. Flowing results in dilution as well, so
salinity does not build up in rivers.

Lakes receive inputs from rivers so the salinity is diluted.

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Why is the sea water saline ?..

Answer / neha gupta

We can summarize this discussion. Wherever water comes into
contact with the rocks of Earth’s crust, either on land or
in the ocean or within the oceanic crust, some of the
minerals in the rock dissolve and are carried by the water
to the ocean. The salt content of seawater does not change
because new minerals are forming on the sea floor at the
same rate as salt is added. Thus, the salt content of the
sea is at steady state.

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Why is the sea water saline ?..

Answer / gust

because the other revers bring salty water into the sea

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Why is the sea water saline ?..

Answer / scientist

because it contains more iodine so the sea water is saline

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Why is the sea water saline ?..

Answer / tytytytytyty

because it has my lace mixed with my sperms to form zygote
in ur mother uterus

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