What is determining factor in the oxidation reduction reaction?

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what is acidity of a base?

2 Answers  

Which is the indicator used in the determination of cao I cement solution?

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We see the sun before it rises above the horizon in the morning. Why?

1 Answers   Infosys,

Which gas is used in bulbus ?

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what is the difference between vector and tensor?

3 Answers  

State beer-lambert’s law.

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What is Acids, Bases salts ?

2 Answers   Viva,

What is the reaction that occurring between fas and potassium dichromate?

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What is the unit of conductance?

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Why do eye-glasses become fogged, when the wearer comes form the cold outdoors into a warm room ?

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what is the valence of nitrogen?

10 Answers   TCS, GACL,

what is the name of the material used in making the plates used for serving food in hotels?

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