What is determining factor in the oxidation reduction reaction?

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Explain about Characters of Catalytic Reactions ?

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Explain the Modes of valency ?

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What is the Finger Print region

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What is Atomic weight?

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Why USP put two methods for tapped density? When I should use each one?

0 Answers   Ranbaxy,

What is the min constitutes of haematite ore?

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What is Acidity of a base ?

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Why are some wires covered with insulating materials ?

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What is Displacement Reaction .

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Why are the titration involving edta carried out slowly towards the end point?

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What is the safety curtain in cinema or theatre made off ?

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hi i got i 20 from sacred heart university u.s.a.i got good tofel score and my gre is score is very poor.my university requirement is only tofel.i completed my b.pharmacy in 2009 so i got 1 year gap is their chances to reject visa?what i have to do i was very tensed.how to sought out my problem

0 Answers   US Consulate,

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