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Hitachi Interview Questions
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why do you choose ece branch?

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What is the road permit I want to sale in outside of state what is the required Document and why.

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How to calculate cable sizes in with using motor KW? Any formula there?

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what is the fitter

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what is the highest critical temprature of refrigerant?

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Lowest temp in vapour compression cycle in :(Ans:Expansion devices) Contineous welding is type of :(Seam Welding) refrigerant in domestic Refrigerator:(R 134 A) Lowest critical temp of refrigerant:(Freon) Statement....this is law) Ratio reynold no to prandtl no is:(Pecelent no) if welding is done from right to left then what is the name welding:(Not known) slip gauges are made up of:(alloy steel) clearence between meeting surfaces is due to which gauges: question on rubby laser,rake angle,heat treatment processes,joules law,bell coleman cycle like a/c works on which cycle?


I have a Hitachi split unit 1.5 Tr but I want know that what is meaning of R-134a refrigerant and what is chemical formulla.

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our customers deduct TDS under sec.194-J and make the payment. we deduct TDS under sec.194-J to clients and pay them professional fees. can we get credit of TDS which we made to our customers and claim for what we have to pay

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difference between servo motor and synchronous motor


how we will make the invoice agt the material sold to other party with the VAT adjustment. Also please pass the journal entry of all process.

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Please tell me the process of generation of TDS in Tally ERP-9 with an Example


what is the meaning(definition)of EN grade of steel and also tell whats the full name of EN?

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whenever i run the programe transfered to GL from payables that programe is shown with warning error and not transferred entries to GL

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What will happen if i replace a inductive proximity switch with photo sensor in a machine?


What is difference vat


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