How will U link GL with OU in Multi-org environment.

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How will U link GL with OU in Multi-org environment...

Answer / bnath

you need to define the legal entity, gl set of books and
while setting up the operating unit, do the following:
in the organization classification area select GRE/ Legal
Entity, Enabled the check box and press others button.
Select Legal Entity Accounting from the LOV shown.
Then select the Set of Books and press ok and finally save
your work.
Similary you can link Asset Organization.

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How will U link GL with OU in Multi-org environment...

Answer / venki

create set of books and link with profile gl_set_of_books
with user
i think this is the correct.i not correct me

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How will U link GL with OU in Multi-org environment...

Answer / kranthioracle

hi nihar i dint understand ur question can u post it again.

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