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How do u customize the Reports?

How do u customize the Reports?..

Answer / niranjan

a. Identify the Short name of the standard report in which
module we have to customize
Ex: - if u want to customize in the po module path is
Appl top\po\11.5.0\reports\US\ .rdf
b. Open the .rdf file in Report builder and change the name
of the module.
c. Open the data module and modify the query (what is client
requirements) assign the columns to the attributes.
d. Go to report wizard and select, what r the newly created
e. Then Compile it. Then u will get a .rep file in the
specified module. If it is not in the specified directory
then we have to put in the server directory.
f. Then Register in the AOL Concurrent &#61664;executable.
&#61664; program.
g. go to system administrator Security&#61664;Responsibility&#61664;request
h) Add and assign a concurrent program to
a request group

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