Why did you sit for the interviews for this company?

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What salary are you seeking at Videocon?

0 Answers   Videocon,

Do you have any questions for Pizza Express management?

0 Answers   Pizza Express,

What are your strength and weakness. Be clear about this

0 Answers  

Do you want to change your career path in the future?

0 Answers   HPCL,

What is the reason behind your Low/high C.G.P.A

0 Answers   HPCL,

what is your dream company?

9 Answers   Bajaj, AB InBev, Amazon, EXL, ITC Indian Tobacco Company,

Why should we hire you over other candidates?

0 Answers   Reliance,

describe a situation when you had to convince others.

0 Answers   Dunkin Donuts, Rolls Royce, Schlumberger,

How do you feel about reporting to a younger person (minority, woman, etc)?

1 Answers  

Tell me about your ability to work under pressure

3 Answers  

Where is the Head Office of Syndicate Bank located?

0 Answers   Syndicate Bank,

Why is technology added to the Banking Sector?

0 Answers   IBPS,