About delegates ?

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About delegates ?..

Answer / naren

1. Delegates holds reference to a method
2. Delegates are objects which points towards a function
which matches its signature
3. Delegates are reference type used to encapsulate method
with specific signature
4. Delegates are typesafe and secure

//declaring a delegate

delegate void SampleDelegate(string message)

//declaring delegate with same signature

static void SampleDelegateMethod(string message)

//creating delegate method

SampleDelegate d1 = new SampleDelegateMethod();

//invoking method


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About delegates ?..

Answer / sridevi

Delegates are like function pointer in c++ with type-safe.
They can be used in 2 situations
1. callback methods
2. eventHandler

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About delegates ?..

Answer / ravindra

delegate is a reference type which is used to encapsulate a
method with specific signature.
delegates are 2 types
1.single cast delegate
2.multi caste delegate.
1.it will improve the performance of the application.

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About delegates ?..

Answer / payal

Delegate hold reference to another function or method

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About delegates ?..

Answer / amit kumar

delegates holds the reference of the function
then you can call that function through the delegate object

main benifit of delegate is that you can make difference
between class objects
you can assign the different -2 methods to different-2
object of same class

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About delegates ?..

Answer / guest

these are just reference to the methods and delegates are
used at the bottom of events.

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About delegates ?..

Answer / prithviraj p

Delegate is a strongly typed function pointer. A delegate
object encapsulates a reference to a method

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