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Syntax Softtech Interview Questions
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Explain how server control validation controls works?

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What does the "EnableViewState" property do? Why would I want it on or off?

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What is the difference between Server.Transfer and Response.Redirect? Why would you choose one over the other?

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If I'm developing an application that must accommodate multiple security levels though secure login and my ASP.NET web application is spanned across three web-servers (using round-robin load balancing) what would be the best approach to maintain login-in state for the users?

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Briefly describe different techniques for ASP.NET State Management?

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Explain what a diffgram is and a good use for one?

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In what order do the events of an ASPX page execute. As a developer, why is it important to understand these events?

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What is shadowing?

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What is versioning in .NET?

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How do we get only edited/deleted/inserted records from a Dataset?

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How do you get records number from 5 to 15 from a dataset of 100 records?

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What is the difference of a LEFT JOIN and an INNER JOIN statement? What is a Cartesian product? What causes it?

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Describe and In Process Vs Out of Process component. Which is faster?

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What are the main components of the ADO object model? How are they used?

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What is the T-SQL equivalent of IIF (immediate if/ternary operator) function of other programming languages?

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Syntax Softtech Interview Questions

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