Why 162 mg NaOH used for 1N volumetric solution in 150 ml water then 54.5 ml diluted with 1000 ml

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In partical size by malven,which parameter is generlly change for development of dry and wet method.

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what is the results if we use ODScolumn instead of BDS column ,(ther parameter is same for column) in assay method ?

3 Answers  

how do start hplc method development? how much sample required for developing the method development?

3 Answers   BMS, Indoco Remedies, Sun Pharma, Cipla,

How to study genotoxicity of impurities in API?

2 Answers   NCL,

what is the criteria for choosing capillary column in GC??is it dependent on sample load?

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why you require QA approval & what is its importance?

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when we use capillary and packed columns in gc

4 Answers   Rakshit Drugs,

Dear Sir, This is Thirunavukkarasu am working in Ordain Health Care AR&D, Am Having one problem While doing method development my question Metadoxine and Pyridoxine same chemical nature and structural activity i tried lot of methods but Analyte eluted same Retantion time i cant separate both peaks. solubility, pH both are same only only difference melting point metadoxine 210 C Pyridoxine 102 C please do the help needful for me

5 Answers   Ordain Solutions,

%lod always grater than %water content for same product??

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For LOD and LOQ determination which method is accurate? (slopemethod or s/n ratio method)

4 Answers   Reddy Labs,

what are peak purity,peak purity index,peak thresold

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how to prepare 25 ppm acetone. explian with formula

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