Why 162 mg NaOH used for 1N volumetric solution in 150 ml water then 54.5 ml diluted with 1000 ml

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is there any material other than caffene to calibrate hplc detector

12 Answers   Biocon,

why we use only six bowls for dissolution of a drug

1 Answers   Cipla, Natco, TelePerformance,

i set electrode to 7 buffer than i used it to check 4 buffer and 10 buffer if the results are not as expected than is it better to set the buffer again to 4 buffer or is there any other method available please let me know ...

2 Answers   Glochem,

How to standardization of 1N H2SO4?

1 Answers   GNFC, Macleods,

What is boiling point ? & Explain.

2 Answers  

what is the difference between loss on drying in ordinary oven technique and vacuum oven technique

4 Answers   Ranbaxy, Divis Laboratories,

Why we have to take 42gm of sodium hydroxide instead of 40gm for preparation of 1M Sodium hydroxide as per Pharmacopia? Whether it means the formula for calculating molarity was wrong? 

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what is difference b/w spectroscopy, Spectrometry and Spectrophotometry ?

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what is a placebo peak

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Why potassium hydrogen pthalate is used for perchloric acid And naoh. Why it is used for both acid and base

6 Answers   Vijayasri Chemicals,

which one is better separation in high pressure liquide chromatogram orlowpressure chromato gram in hplc

0 Answers   Hetero,

what is mean by assay?

6 Answers  

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