why lactose has less charges when packed in steel containers when compared with packing of lactose in polyamide material?

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Why Na lamp is used in polarimeter?

5 Answers   Vimta Labs,

What is the reason for using the 900ml of dissolution medium

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Why we use buffers Acetate for pH 4.5 & phosphate for 6.8 and not vice-versa?

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what is the difference between polarimeter lamp and ir lamp

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why linerity not use in GC but use in HPLC ?

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what is the difference of use of LOD test and Karl Fischer titra.?

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calibrtion procedue of LC-MS

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what is the method of UV cabinet CALIBRTION

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difference between IR& FTIR

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which solvent is highest poler acetonitrile dimethyl formamide methanole tetrahydrofurane buffer solution

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acceptance criteria for ph meter, hplc detector,pump,injector,oven when we calibrate.

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injection volume accruacy test i calibration of hplc

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