why lactose has less charges when packed in steel containers when compared with packing of lactose in polyamide material?

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What is the exact reason to use THF and IPA in buffers of Reverse phase HPLC as a solvent?

0 Answers   Dr Reddys,

How will u perform degradation study in detectors other thann PDA in HPLC Methodology

0 Answers   Micro Labs, Adley,

why we are taking 89ml concentrated HCL for preparing 1N HCL

3 Answers  

why you are using benzoic acid for water content determination in TEA

2 Answers  

why we conclude the area% for the chromatographic purity?

1 Answers   Lupin, Amneal Pharmaceuticals,

Difference between related substances & impurities

1 Answers   Biocon,

why we use only sucrose in the calibration of polarimeter?

6 Answers   Kilitch,

What is the principle of Thermal conductivity detector and FID?

0 Answers   Cipla,

which light is used in FT-IR spectroscopy

6 Answers   Hetero,

why in hplc peaks are in positive side(it means upside) not in negative side?

3 Answers  

In the isomers,enantiomers give the only physical properties present such that no chemical properties present.

0 Answers   Laurus,

For limit test of heavy metals in BP, Method C require that the substance is ignited at a temperature not exceeding 800 °C. Why confines such the temperature?

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