How to decide DO set rating of Transformer?

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in dc shunt motor if armature wdg is open then

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What is MSL designation of a motor and same may be provided in details.

0 Answers   DAE,

Please give me a solid reason there are 2 ELCB's If we take Phase from ELCB NO:1 an Netural from ELCB N:2 why ELCB is tripping when we connect the Load?please brief me with detail

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Why we use 2core cable for Dc motor.Can I use 3core?

5 Answers   JK Paper, Maharaja Whiteline,

why we store only dc in batteries ?

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all electricals questions

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how DC is differ from AC ? what are the difference between them ?exept (P-N)&(+__-)

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i heard that power factor(PF) is the main concern for industries, if they are maintaining PF around 0.6 they will be fined for that. now the question is, how can they improve the PF ranging between 0.9 to 0.95 which is safe for them i,e escaping from the fine?

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how Practicaly reduce stating current of the motor

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0 Answers   Epcon,

What is difference is of VSD,VFD,VSDS, are they the same as the direct current to control dc using above mention

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If I bring a basic electric meter from the States and hook it up in Costa Rica in a development that has only one transformer for the 50 homes, will it still be accurate regarding the usage of kilowatt hours?

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