how to find out cable size if load is 2800 watts, 230 volts AC supply and load distance is 1800 meters

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which type of capacitors using in single phase motors

1 Answers   Vishnu Infra,

what is the concept of star delta starter?

7 Answers  

TO operate transformers in parallel, vector symbol of the both should be same.If one transformer name plate is not there, how can we conclude that whether the transformer is having the same vector symbol or not?

4 Answers  

why phase always came one direction in 5pin socket(right hand or left hand) which direction and why..........?

4 Answers   L&T, Alstom,

What is the function of the auto reclosure relay?

1 Answers  

What is Phasing out test?

1 Answers  

Can a generator rated 400 V, 60 Hz be used in a 50 Hz System? Yes or No ? Why ?

0 Answers   VECL,

what is short circuit force ? How to calculate it for Panel?

1 Answers   Bilt,

State any two nuclear power stations in India, with their generating capacity.

0 Answers  

If a high resistance fault occurs,then what are the changes will happen in the system?

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What must the distance between two MV cables be when they are laid on tray?

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What is principal to reduce earth leakage current with isolation transformer? When isolation transformer is installed in input stage of system, earth leakage current is reduced. the reason is why the leakage current of 2nd stage of isolation transformer does not affect the 1st stage's leakage current. I would like to know the reason. As you know, earth leakage current is a kind of AC. So, How to reduce earth leakage current in case that isolation transformer is used?

2 Answers  

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