The 3 phase Delta connection
RB=440V, BY=350V,.......* is Line to Line voltage
RY= ?
And Formula....?

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how capacitor pass ac voltage practically?with increase frequency and cpacitance?

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why ac supply neutral should earth not in dc (-)

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Hod do u calculate cable size for underground laying and the factors effecting/influencing it??

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what is the working principle of three point starter of dc motor?

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in a plug point why the hole size at the top is large?

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Describe the colour rendering properties of i) tungsten filament lamps ii) tubular fluorescent lamp

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Rated moter voltage and frequency is 380volt 60 hz but moter is running at 380votac 50hz is this harmful for moter winding

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where transformer is installed? a)generating station b)substation c)voltage regulating area

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what is floating charger and boosting charger?

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suppose MCC (Motor control center)panel work on field the relay on this damage or not work and earth fault occurs in this and no indication in relay panel given below. than MCB trip or not and what effect the panel how find relay will damage or not work.

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what is lightning arester?generaly which type of used in industeries? why its used?

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what is necessity of using isolation transformer?

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