The 3 phase Delta connection
RB=440V, BY=350V,.......* is Line to Line voltage
RY= ?
And Formula....?

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What is the permissable nutral current of three phase system as per IS standards?

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11Kv Dog conductor 6/0.186 formula Line Losses ? Length 4.85Km amper ..? 52 Pole Max Load 3200Kw

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what is protections used for 6.6kv ht motor

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what are the different types of transformers in present? which transformer is efficient?

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why we r used DC megger insted of AC megger?

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Is there any capacitor in 3-phase IM?why,xplain.

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A 50Hz,4-pole,3-phase,star-connected synchronous motor has a synchronous reactance of 12ohmsper phase and negligible armature resistances.the excitation is such as to give an open-circuit voltage of 13.2kilovolt.the motor is connected to 115kilovolt, 50hertz supplying. what maximum load can be the motor torque,line current and power factor?

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What, in the construction of a transformer, controls KVA? For example 600/208/120 V transformer can be 10kVA or 45kVA!!! What do we change in the construction of a Transformer in order to change the rating but not the voltage.

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In DC current-excitation to transformer, why it sucks more current? Eventhough there is no power transfer between primary and secondary? R is very low so it should suck less current only na thn y its current increases?

2 Answers   Cairn,

The earth pin of some three pin plugs are seen split. why?

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Why starters are using the machines???

5 Answers   Alstom,

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