difference between Ac and Dc mcb ????

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What happened If 3phase supply connected to slip ring side of slipring induction motor ?

2 Answers  

A motor works on 30 killo watts.how much ampers will be required if it works on 440volts?

5 Answers  

what is different between IP55,IP54 and IP66?

2 Answers   ABB, Global Industries,

What is the formula of frequency ?

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why we are testing cables with DC supply not with AC supply?

8 Answers   Aurobindo, L&T, DEWA,

what is the d/f b/w iverter & converter.

5 Answers   Indeco,

what is tan delta point in a current transformer?

2 Answers  

what are the factors to be considered while design the breaker either HT or LT??

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how to calculate no. of earthing pits and their diamensions? no. of lightning arrester rods which are required to protect a building of 35 mtr and we calculate?

5 Answers   Ispat, NDDB, Siemens, Dharampal Premchand Limited, FlowMore, Hindustan Zinc, Maheshwary Ispat,

Greeting to all members, How to calculate spill current when we have different ratio CT and Class for REF(Low Imp) I have 500/1A 5P20 @line side n 400/1A CL.X @ Neutral.

0 Answers   DEWA,

why nutral and earthing wire connect with each other in main panel board.?

2 Answers  

what is the different between counterpoise earthing and pipe earthing?

1 Answers  

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