How to calculate air to fuel ratio in boilers

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Boiler capacity is 5ton, what will be the feed water tank capacity?

11 Answers   TCS, Krest, dscl, Indiabulls,

We have Demin Closed cooling water system with expansion tank for cooling oil system. Expansion tank having N2 bladder. Whenever N2 bladder bursts out, Closed cooling water circuit pressure drops and make-up happening, eventhough there is no leaks. And how Circuit pressure drops?

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under which situation or why restricted earth fault protection operates in out side its zone that is external fault

2 Answers  

What is surging in a centrifugal compressor ? How it occur's ? How is antisurging done ?

0 Answers   RasGas,

What is difference between Actual Drum Level and Compensated Drum Level?

2 Answers   DVC,

what are all the pre commissioning activities in WTP in power plant

1 Answers  

why oil filled transformers will be with explosion and fire often?

1 Answers  

How We Calibrate the vaccum transmitter?

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why the steam turbine is not operated in home(base) load more than 1 hour kindly calrify

4 Answers   TATA,

what is the relation between the grid voltage and generator voltage how to link up generator with grid

3 Answers   NDFL,

How to calculate boiler capacity? I have 1 Autoclave, Which has to use for AAC block. Dimension for this Autoclave is - 13 Meter Length & 2.2 Meter Diameter.

0 Answers   Aevitas Pharmagro,

Power plants are called CPP,IPP,LLP What is the meaning of it? And tell me some other type of powerplant names.

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