one employee went on site , we given to him 1000 through prepayment . but i final spends amount is 800, then what about remaining 200 , how can we refund to organisation. through debit memo or credit memo, or , prepayment or if any, please give me best solution , if any one know this question answer reply me this mail,

one employee went on site , we given to him 1000 through prepayment . but i final spends amount is ..

Answer / govind singh

1.Create a debit memo with a clearing account in distribution and take the refund (do the payment)
2. Create a standard invoice with the same clearing account which we use in debit memo and apply the Prepayment.
Let's see the entire process accounting from payment to employee.
- Prepayment A/c Dr. 1000
To Supplier Liability A/c 1000
- Prepayment Paynent
Supplier Liability A/c Dr. 1000
To Cash Clearing A/c 1000
- Standard Invoice of employee expenses of 800
Item Expense A/c 800
To Supplier Liability 800
- apply the Prepayment
Supplier Liability A/c Dr. 800
To Prepayment A/c 800
- Debit Memo
Supplier Liability A/c Dr. 200
To Clearing A/c.200
- Standard Invoice (with Clearing account offset)
Clearing A/c Dr. 200
To Supplier Liability A/c 200
- Apply the Prepayment (remain amount)
Supplier Liability A/c 200
To Prepayment A/c 200
So all the account is knocked off.
Follow this process

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