what is DIPE limit in residual solvent?

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mahagenco syllabus for the post of chemist

0 Answers   MahaGenco, Unimarck Pharma,

why we use a particular hplc column for a particular compound give reasons?please

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Why sulfuric acid is used in sulphated ash / residue on ignition test.

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How can the GC or HPLC method is selected to determine the impurity profile in drug product?

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How to prepare 10% HCl from 36.5% HCl solution.

5 Answers  

what is the method of UV cabinet CALIBRTION

2 Answers  

What impact analysis required for out of calibration and how to proceed

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In pharmaceuticals formulation OOS applicable in Raw Material(which is not manufacturing in the company. and purchase by approved vendor)).Why?

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What is the difference between potentiometry assay and HPLc assay?

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how to develop the shorter run time for pharmacopeial methods having 100 min run time?

3 Answers   Reddy Labs,

why we are calibrating autopolarimeter with quartz control plates

1 Answers  

What is the diffeence between assay and uniformity of content

2 Answers  

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