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QUANTUM BIOLOGY - EXAMPLE 33.6 : The time to maintain quantum coherence in a biological system is t. Let t = k / (MT) where k = constant, M = mass, T = temperature. For living farm animals, normal rectal temperatures ranges for pig and goat are 38.7 - 39.8 and 38.5 - 39.7 in degree Celsius respectively. Let a pig has a mass of 100 kg and a goat has a mass of 300 pounds. (a) Find the mass of goat in the unit of kilogram, when 1 pound = 0.4536 kg. (b) Find t (p) / t (g) for living animals when t (p) = t for pig and t (g) = t for goat. (c) State the assumption of your calculation in question (b).

QUANTUM BIOLOGY - EXAMPLE 33.6 : The time to maintain quantum coherence in a biological system is t...

Answer / kangchuentat

QUANTUM BIOLOGY - ANSWER 33.6 : (a) M for goat = 300 pounds x 0.4536 kg / pound = 136.08 kg. (b) Let t (p) = k / (100 T), t (g) = k / (136.08 T). Then t (p) / t (g) = 136.08 / 100 = 1.3608. (c) Assumption : Both pig and goat have the same temperature T, times to lose their quantum information t are approximations. The answer is given by Kang Chuen Tat; PO Box 6263, Dandenong, Victoria VIC 3175, Australia; SMS +61405421706;;

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Is there a rule of thumb to estimate the footprint of a cooling tower during design phase?

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ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL ENGINEERING - EXAMPLE 34.7 : An engineering investor purchases a $1000 bond that matures in 25 years. The coupon rate is 8 %. The purchase price is at 95 or 95 % of the par bond value. (a) What is the purchase price of the bond? (b) How much discount is enjoyed by the investor on average each year? (c) Find the income generated from coupon rate each year. (d) Find the overall interet rate or Yield to Maturity (YTM) by using the formula : YTM = [ Answer in (c) + Answer in (b) ] x 200 / [ par bond value + Answer in (a) ].

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What are the steps required to design a vapor-liquid separator or flash drum?

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sir/mam . I am a fresh student of chemical engineeing. i've somuch fear to face intervies. I become neverse when entered into company. what shall I do? please suggest me some tips to face the interview.

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Are you having any experience in antibody designing?

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In DM plant, If pH in anion outlet is 7.2 and Mixed bed pH is 6.2, wat could be the reason.

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Explain how can you determine the largest impeller that a pump can handle?

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POLYMER ENGINEERING - QUESTION 24.1 : The molecular weights M in kg / mol of 3 different monomers a, b and c in a polymer are Ma = 14, Mb = 16 and Mc = 18. The fraction of polymer chain X of 3 different monomers a, b and c in a polymer are Xa = 0.5, Xb = 0.3 and Xc = 0.2. (i) Calculate number average molecular weight by using the formula Ma Xa + Mb Xb + Mc Xc. (ii) Calculate weight average molecular weight by using the formula (Ma Xa Ma + Mb Xb Mb + Mc Xc Mc) / (Ma Xa + Mb Xb + Mc Xc). (iii) Calculate the polydispersity by using the answer in (ii) divided by answer in (i). (iv) If the molecular weight of repeat unit is 12, calculate the degree of polymerization by using the formula (Ma Xa + Mb Xb + Mc Xc) / (molecular weight of repeat unit).

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pls send me HPCL & reliance test paper for chemical engineering.....

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Which type of pneumatic control valve is used mostly Either Air to Open r Air to close the value And guys I need reason for your reason

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What is fuel requirement of 20kg/hr of incineration having material calorific value 6500 kcal/kg and diesel calorific value 10707 Kcal/Kg (PCC=850 degC and SCC 1050 Deg c)

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Chemical Engineering Unit Operation - Which of the sequence below represent a feasible flows of ethanol processing plants using cellulose as starting material? A. raw material --> heat exchanger --> distillation column --> reactor. B. reactor --> distillation column --> raw material --> heat exchanger. C. heat exchanger --> raw material --> distillation column --> reactor. D. raw material --> heat exchanger --> reactor --> distillation column. E. distillation column --> raw material --> reactor --> heat exchanger.

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