Is private consultancy involved in direct recruitment / interview process for field officer post in cabinet Secretariat posts

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what is the limitations of hotel management project in .net?

0 Answers   TCS,

What actually is a light peak?

1 Answers  

write vhdl code for 8085 8 bit microprocessor

1 Answers  

A reflex klystron function as

11 Answers   Bhel,

I have a big big doubt...will current decrease if voltage increases and vice versa. . kindly reply.. buddies

3 Answers   ONGC,

i completed my recently with full credits... i have confused in calculating my backlogs...actually i failed in 6 subjects(1 in 2-1,4 in 3-2,1 in 4-1) but i cleared them in one attempt in their respective supplymentry.... then how many backlogs i had now... tell me cleraly.....

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Why do we use FM for sound and AM for video in TV transmisssion?

5 Answers   DRDO,

difference between wimax and wifi technology

2 Answers   BSNL,

Why inductor reverses its polarity why not capacitor while discharging evenif both are charge storing element?

1 Answers  

what is ups and inverters.

2 Answers  

in long range commn AM is very appropriate.why?

3 Answers   Cisco,

why are u hiring electronics

0 Answers   eClinicalWorks, eClinical Works,

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