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What is the use of BO SDK?

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What is the use of BO SDK?..

Answer / chaitanya

The BusinessObjects Enterprise SDK allows you to build web
applications that interface directly with your
BusinessObjects Enterprise system.

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What is the use of BO SDK?..

Answer / sankarnarayanan05

BO SBK Means, BO Software Development Kit.
It Used for BO With Java or BO With Dot Net Integration.
You can integrate BO in java or .Net application.
It provide Java & .Net Api classes & functions.

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What is the use of BO SDK?..

Answer / nagesh

By using BO SDK we can refresh&publish the BO reports.

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What is the use of BO SDK?..

Answer / karthik

to suppress

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What is the use of BO SDK?..

Answer / subhash

Bo SDK main use is to suppress ?no data to fetch? using

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