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Why do we need metrics and sets?

Why do we need metrics and sets?..

Answer / subhash

Metrics are used for analysis and Sets are used for

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2 table is there , thats column is different name but data type is same, 2 tables values are same. how to you findout both values are same?

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what do u mean by merged dimensions in Business Objects

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How to make alternative rows red and green in WebI Report?

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I am trying to save the XI report to CSV format. the csv file not displaying columns in order. all the columns are misplaced. the report size is 12MB Can any one tell me why the columns are incorrect position when XI report converted into CSV format?

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what is universe testing(not mention check integrity)

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Can I create a master report in webi having 15 dimensions and 150 kpi's with 100GB of data and store it in cache ,So that I can use Cache for building new reports with less dimensions and Kpi's without hitting database againg just using cache??Please suggest...

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What is the difference between Sychronisatio and join?

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what is the difference b/w star and snowflack schema in dataware house?

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Can any body Explain me what are the critical problems you have faced in the designer and repoting level in the real time environment?

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Are data mart and dwh normalized or denormalized? Do both of them exist in the same tier?

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How many universes are required for a single project,and how many reports are required for a single Universe.

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