How to find coloumn vertical cut length floor to floor & lap + bend or anything plz clearfiy

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Brick size ? & 1 square feet brick work for use brick

1 Answers   Ashoka Electricals,

Give open excavation details of Building.

2 Answers  

Our IDCT industrial cooling tower height is 15 mtres so need to RCC structure stability test as par any IS Standard or Indian act.

1 Answers   Sepco,

How to calculate the wall thickness of building?

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How is calculate the cube molt

0 Answers   Godway,

who to find building iron rod strenth

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how many no of solid blocks and bricks required for construction of wall for 100 sqft?

14 Answers   Vipul,

12mm diameter iron bar having 1m length how much kg weighted ?

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What is the difference between NP2 and NP3 Class RCC Hume Pipes

5 Answers   M2K, Honest Derivatives Pvt. Ltd, Indian Hume Pipe Co,

why provide water stopper in costruction joits

1 Answers   L&T,

for gravel roads in India to get 1feet height how much height we have to fill

0 Answers   Sunrise,

Please tell me about building work from begining

2 Answers  

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