How to find coloumn vertical cut length floor to floor & lap + bend or anything plz clearfiy

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which beam has more strength rectangular or circular

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What is the maximum strength of cub compress strength in one cub testing

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Please Clear My doubt . We Can Design the size of the beam by manually by the Length of the beam...What is the technique adopted

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What is the difference between compressive strength and crushing strength?

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how can we calculate the amount of concrete in trapezoidal footing?

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How to calculate the cement plastering for circular and rectangular water storage tanks and how to calculate the area of circular and rectangular floor?? Please help me

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what are the questions that will be asked in interview in civil engineering

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how much difference we have to provide when column steel staggered

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I heard Thump rule about beam depth is 1" per 1' length. Is this correct? If not please tell me the thump rule.Thanks.

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why elongation index is not required for concreteing coarse aggregate..

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How many types of stirrups are there? How to calculate their cut lengths?

2 Answers   BARC,

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