1,Building containing 25 flats how much Amp 3 pole MCCB are required?
2, For the safey of each flat how many Amp RCCB can install -loaded with A/C

Answer / gs rajan

I thinking MCCB 200Amp, Rccb 40 Amp.

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One Township having 850 house and each house load is 2.2KW single phase & 5HP 3 Phase motors of 10 Nos .Who can calculate 11 KV transformer capacity .dilip_bhasker@yahoo.co.in

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Briefly describe three methods that are usually used by electricity suppliers to control voltage levels?

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What type of input will the OLTC indicator will accept or what type of output the OLTC will produce to monitor it's position at remote location.

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can we connect transformer with star conected secondary to delta connected primary in series?

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Active power= VI COS FI But incase of leading power factor ( more than unity), may we use other formula ? because the cos fi (value of cos thita) should not be grater than one.

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why do we use 3 single phase instead of one 3 phase?? though vee connection is its advantage but what is the hidden reason behind it??

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Dear all, how we select the cable size according  to current with or without including different correction factor , is there any direct method for sizing of cable... 

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the inertia constants of two machines are respectively 30and 42 MJ per MVA.when the change in frequency due to change in load in first machine is 12 Hz,the change in second machine frequency will be?

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What are the classifications of heating element?

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What is the difference between EARTH & NEUTRAL?

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How Earthing is prevents shock?Explain

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