Which type of error was eliminated through the use of gray code

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Darlington is used for ??

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Explain the structure of entire GSM.

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Sir, I am Mrunalini studying btech 2nd year in ECE.i want to know the information about group2.how to prepare for group2? about coaching centres in hyd.what are the postings in group2? in which year i should take coaching?plz send me the informaion to my mail id.

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Which of the listed is NOT a FlexiHopper frequency band? Which of the listed is NOT a FlexiHopper feature?

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Guys I am in DILEMMA.. plz HELP!!! Guys, I am engineering graduate in ECE from Banglore(VTU). I am working as Tech support engr, in one of the mnc. Now I am worrying about my future, like should I continue in this (fedup with night shipts) or shall I do other domain courses (like software testing, SAP, JAVA )(?). If I do CCNA then is it gonna help me with the tech support engr and in future(?){if I get handsome bucks after doing the CCNA, then I can continue with the night shipts and tech support} But I dont know if it is going to happen(please suggest). Is the technical support will join to the Network engineer post in future(any way)? Will the pay become as like software in future? Please help!!!! Thank you

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what is used in cd audio player to reproduce sound?

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i completed my b.tech recently with full credits... i have confused in calculating my backlogs...actually i failed in 6 subjects(1 in 2-1,4 in 3-2,1 in 4-1) but i cleared them in one attempt in their respective supplymentry.... then how many backlogs i had now... tell me cleraly.....

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in microcontroller why processor is used why not controller?

3 Answers   Infosys,

SR flip flop is basically which type of multivibrator?

3 Answers   HAL, Bhel, PTC,

how we can calculate antenna dimension for any em wave??

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Any idea of BSNL, JTO paper?

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which type of question are putup in IES exam?

0 Answers   IES,

  • Civil Engineering (4492)
  • Mechanical Engineering (3654)
  • Electrical Engineering (15469)
  • Electronics Communications (2615)
  • Chemical Engineering (696)
  • Aeronautical Engineering (78)
  • Bio Engineering (30)
  • Metallurgy (95)
  • Industrial Engineering (193)
  • Instrumentation (2835)
  • Automobile Engineering (134)
  • Mechatronics Engineering (41)
  • Marine Engineering (59)
  • Power Plant Engineering (162)
  • Engineering AllOther (1315)