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how do we write scripts in unix how to execute scripts in real time anybody please needfull or give me number i will cal u

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What are the different table types that are supported by teradata?

0 Answers  

In BTEQ, how are the session-mode parameters being set?

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Explain the term 'primary key' related to relational database management system?

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where we can use the delimiter in mload? pls let me know

2 Answers   Wipro,

Hi Friends I have a sql question, We have the source data as below. 101 address1, address2, address3 and the output shoulb like below 101 address1 101 address2 101 address3 Required a SQL query for this output. Please let me know if you have any sql query for this. Thanks in advance. Hari M

6 Answers   JPMorgan Chase,

What is TPD?

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What is the difference between global temporary tables and volatile temporary tables?

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What are the primary characteristics of the Teradata.

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What is the process to restart the multiload if it fails?

7 Answers  

1.what is activity count? 2.what is skew factor? how it's working explain brefily

5 Answers   Satyam,

What type of indexing mechanism do we need to use for a typical data warehouse?

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What is the purpose of joins in teradata and what are the available join types?

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