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What is the basis of selection of type of pump (Centrifugal, Vertical Turbine)

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What is the basis of selection of type of pump (Centrifugal, Vertical Turbine)..

Answer / eng.sari

depends on satiation,function and purpose of pump.
for example : if you want to pump a water from the sea you have to select centrifugal pump, if you want continuous flow you have to use gear pump. and so on

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What is the basis of selection of type of pump (Centrifugal, Vertical Turbine)..

Answer / jobin antony

when you have a negative suction the type of pump recommended is Vertical turbine pump, Submersible type etc... when the suction line is flooded type or positive type then the type of centrifugal pumps we use will be "End suction, split case, Vertical multistage" etc...

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