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why square root 2 is multiplied with line voltage in selection of LA ie 11/sqrtroot3=6.35 kv and it is multiplied with sqrt2 ie 6.35 KV*sqrt2=8.9 kv we will select question is why we are multiplying with sqrt 2?

why square root 2 is multiplied with line voltage in selection of LA ie 11/sqrtroot3=6.35 kv and it ..

Answer / k.prakashchandra

It is known to almost all elect engineers that Peak value / Rms value = root 2

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Define Electrical Insulation and examples of Solid,Liquid and Gaseous insulating materials?

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in a solar power plant,we are going to step up the voltage 350V to 33kv, and to 132kv GSS. i want to ask that if it is possible that 315v/33kv is not possible because we also use 315v/11kv. or it should be 415v/33kv? is it effects generation or losses?  the second question is-generation is depends on LV winding? or LV winding design for generation voltage?

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