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what is the standard duration after failure EB power

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Whether the Dc motor Droping the power factor like AC motor if lot of motor running in factory is it necessary to connect capacitor bank

2 Answers  

Why the ceiling fan has three blades, why not two,four or five?

4 Answers  

if you asked to choose a ckt breaker from MCB & MCCB for 32A which one will be best and why??

7 Answers  

What is the rating of your substation and what are the different types of substations?

5 Answers   Bhel, NTPC, UPPCL,

I want to wire sizing calculator which website is available it

1 Answers  

If a manufacturer decribes a power supply transformer as providing a secondary voltage of 24 volts when connected to a 240 volts supply, do you think they are refering to the full load or no load secondary voltage?

3 Answers  

How much ampere rating on LT side of distribution transformer and also on HT side of 200KVA transformer

2 Answers   ABB,


1 Answers  

In MEP Services what are parts of STP and what are there function?

0 Answers   Tenon,

Upto what extent, the lagging power factor can be improved with the help of capacitors?

6 Answers  

The inventer is a battery, but if lost current at home u will turn on the fan but the is AC and inventer battery is dc . Then how the fan was rotating. What device Or machine in fan converst the Dc power to Ac power

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whats the reletion betweet flow,pressure,head,rpm and motor rating?

1 Answers  

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