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What is given by the definition in BIL IMP/PF = 950/395 kV.
This was found in a name plate of a power transformer.

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which generator is called as brushless excitation generator and why??

3 Answers  

which loses are in transformer .explane each loses

4 Answers  

Grounding. Dear all at one of my site we checked the amps at the earthing cable to the alternator it was found 125 to 130 A. at the neutal cable in same machine found 146A. in the same plant checked the earthing current on other alternator it was 52A, and neutral 116 A. we are facing problems with our controller and the card was damaged once. can that neutral/GND current be a reason? as there is common grounding for the Alternator,Brkr panel,Transformer?

2 Answers  

-----------means a source which can supply a constant voltage to aload irrespective of the valu of load resistance.

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what are the main parts of DG? explian thier functions?

8 Answers   Apollo Power, Tata DoCoMo, Tyco, Vizag Steel,

draw tube light circuit

0 Answers   Badve, KPTL,

how to calculate the magnetizing current of ct ( 800A/1A) for Relay 64

0 Answers   Cadsys,

what is the difference between high impedance REF & REF, same high impedance differential protection & differential protection for Power transformer?

1 Answers  

please design a rectifier with batteries for below requirement and also explain how you calculate this solution, Load = 700Amp DC Backup time = 6 hour. please explain briefly ?????

1 Answers   GNFC,

WE are using a 63A MCCB(SIEMENS MAKE) for one of the feeder in LV substation panel.It is supplying to a lighting & power socket DB.Settings in the MCCB is Ir = 63 * 1 , Isd = 8 times of Ir , tsd = 0.5 sec( I2 t off). Sometimes this MCCB is tripping .But no trip in DB MCB. Can anybody tell me reason ? From where i can know about the MCCB settings?

5 Answers  

sigal phase supply is 230 v ac two phase supply is 415 v ac why three phase supply is 415 v ac why not 690 v ac

4 Answers  

what is suitable cable for 25 HP motor ? start with VFD ac supply 50 hz

3 Answers   Mac,

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