What is voltage in two phase?

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What is voltage in two phase?..

Answer / jawahar


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What is voltage in two phase?..

Answer / sagar

add of both phase voltage
Final voltage is V=v1+v2

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What is voltage in two phase?..

Answer / varaprasad inavilli


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What is voltage in two phase?..

Answer / abhimanyu kr. gupta


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What is voltage in two phase?..

Answer / ananth


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What is voltage in two phase?..

Answer / gtmanikandan

Line voltage = root 3 X Phase Voltage

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What is voltage in two phase?..

Answer / hsenid

voltage in the 2 phase is not a constant for an example in 1 phase the voltage must be 220 or 230 so in 2 phase voltage may be 400 or 440 or 460

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