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How Can I know the wastages(%) of each work added in
estimating the quantity of construction materials?(Eg.
Ceiling Work, Brick Work,etc....)

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What is RCC grade of NP 2 hume pipe, Dia and arrangement of reinforcement in it?

1 Answers   NTPC, WDC,

Design a shear wall of length 4.20 m and thickness of 250mm subjected to the following forces.Assume Fck = 25Mpa and Fy = 415Mpa and the wall is a high wall with central part 3440mm x 250mm and two 380mm x 760mm strong bands at each end with following loading. S.No.       Loading        Axial force      Moment     Shear 1               DL+LL          1950              600            20 2           Seismic load       250              4800          700

0 Answers   L&T,

for 16mm thick cement plastring 1:6 on 100 Sq.m.New brick work,the quantity of cement required is.

0 Answers   Junior Engineer,

what is the criteria for the finalisation of pavement thickness in road project?

1 Answers  

What is Rankine Cycle?

0 Answers   Bechtel,

How to calculate cement quantity in m20 concrete

2 Answers   nnovative Constructions, Shapoorji Pallonji Group(SPCL),

waht is the range of compacting factor test result for good concreate?

1 Answers  

What is the difference between pvc,cpvc and upvc and where it is used as per their properties?????

0 Answers   Lodha,

why 1.25 factor is to be multiplied to cylindrical strength of concrete while getting the equvalent cubical strength of concrete?

10 Answers  

why the compressive strength of concrete is calculated only after 28 days.why not after 25, 26,27 days..

7 Answers  

How much binding wire required in 1 MT Reinforcement? How much Nails Required in 1 Sqmtr Area work progressed

1 Answers   Adhunik,

how to laying tarfelt on asbestos roof for leeks water?

1 Answers   NSL,

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