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Please give me a solid reason there are 2 ELCB's If we take
Phase from ELCB NO:1 an Netural from ELCB N:2 why ELCB is
tripping when we connect the Load?please brief me with detail

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Please give me a solid reason there are 2 ELCB's If we take Phase from ELCB NO:1 an Netural f..

Answer / k.prakashchandra

It is RCCB and not ELCB . You are creating imbalance by
removing one wire

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Please give me a solid reason there are 2 ELCB's If we take Phase from ELCB NO:1 an Netural f..

Answer / rajesh verma

if we take phase from one RCCB and Netural fromsecongd then
it will get tripped because of phase unblance. ELCB will
not get tripped while taking phase & netural from different
source ELCB

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Please give me a solid reason there are 2 ELCB's If we take Phase from ELCB NO:1 an Netural f..

Answer / jessie

1st: check the ELCB Current capacity maybe overloaded if you connect your additional load. used ohm's Law formula I= P/E
2nd. check the continuity of Earthing Connection to your additional load.

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