why vehicle jump after sudden release of clutch.

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why vehicle jump after sudden release of clutch...

Answer / rkrajraja

suddenly driven gear engage with drive gear when sudden
release of clutch...so the gear get sudden energy to wheels.

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why vehicle jump after sudden release of clutch...

Answer / visu

Driving and driven gears are at different speed. When we
shift the gear by pressing the clutch we disengage them and
change the speed ration. When we suddenly release the
clutch, due to difference in speed the vehicle is jumping.

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why vehicle jump after sudden release of clutch...

Answer / waseem anwar

when we changes the gear for that we have to press the
clutch fully means to the end so that its fully disengaged
from the gear box......and after changing the gear then we
slowly release the clutch so that it smoothly engaged with
the desire gear in the gear box....and if we didn't do it
smoothly means that we release the clutch quickly so it gets
the power form the driver gear at once and the vehicle jumps
due to which.......and also it damage both the driver and
driven gear..

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