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What is NP?

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What is NP?..

Answer / guest

It is Net Profit.From Gross Profit deduction are to be made
for indirect expenses. than we can derive the np

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What is NP?..

Answer / priya

NP i.e. Net profit is calculated by subtracting a company's
total expenses from total revenue, thus showing what the
company has earned (or lost) in a given period of time
(usually one year). also called net income or net earnings.

In simplistic terms, net profit is the money left over
after paying all the expenses of an endeavor.

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What is NP?..

Answer / pathi

net profit

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What is NP?..

Answer / suman

np means net proft
total assets-total laibilities=net proft

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What is NP?..

Answer / sunil bhatt

After deducting all indirect expenses from all incomes and
gains. Then we find net profit.

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What is NP?..

Answer / padmaja

Net Profit:After deduction of production expenses and
indirect expenses from Sales.

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What is NP?..

Answer / m.sevathamarakkayar

NP means Net profit

Sales-Cost of goods sold-Expenses=Net Profit

In other words Net Profit represents the surplus of sales
made over expenditure during the accounting period. If a
deficit is made(i.e if expenditure is greater than sales)
then this results in a net loss and not a net profit.

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What is NP?..

Answer / harkesh yadav

we find out net profit from profit and loss a/c .NET PROFIT

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What is NP?..

Answer / gayathri

Net Profit:After deduction of Direct expenses and
indirect expenses from Total Revenue.

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What is NP?..

Answer / kalpana.y

NP means net profit

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