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The output of an AM detector goes directly to the
A IF amplifier B Mixer
C Audio Amplifier D Loudspeaker

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What are the main components used for isolating the power circuits, power semiconductor from the low-power circuit?

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What is demodulation?

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what is the difference between electricle and electronics?

7 Answers   Syntel,

I would like to do my MS in US but i have a second class in with 56% where in i have good acedemics in 10th and inter .Is it posiible to get a US visa if i get good scores in GRE and toefl.I have work experience in an Internation call center for 1 year will they consider me for US visa as i have a gap of 2 yaers after my will the visa be succesful.What would be the answer if they ask me why you worked in callcenter after your and why opting for MS now when you didnt show interest in your background....

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Explain why gold is added to the p-n junction?

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what is the difference between pthread and taskSpawn

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Describe the working of 3φ fully controlled bridge converter in the rectifying mode and inversion mode. And derive the expressions for average output voltage and rms output voltage?

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numerical on PCM.

0 Answers   ONGC,

What is a log file and what it stores during drive test?

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We use PSWA card in which case?

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What is the main disadvantage of two-hole directional coupler ?

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Sir, I hav applied for the post of sec. engg in RRB in telecom-sigal domain. Can u suggest hows the question pattern. Do I hav 2 follow technical books or general aptitude books ?

2 Answers   BSNL,

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