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What is BRS?

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What is BRS?..

Answer / dinesh mishra

BRS means Bank Reconciliation Statement. The need to do
BRS is to validate the correctness of the statement and to
know any differences exists between the bank pass book and
cash book.

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What is BRS?..

Answer / parvathi

bank reconciliation statement

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What is BRS?..

Answer / ravikumar

Bank Reconsilation statement is a statement which reconsile
the balance as shown by the Cash book and the balance shown
by the Pass book

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What is BRS?..

Answer / imran.

BRS is a Bank Reconciliation Statement.It the Best way differences between Pass Book and Cash Book.

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What is BRS?..

Answer / c. hima bindu

BRS Stands for Bank Reconciliation Statement. BRS is the
statement which rectify the transaction between the two set
of book cash book and pass book. BRS is prepare by the
customer not by banker.

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What is BRS?..

Answer / shiva

it means bank reconciliation statement just diffrences
between bank pass book and cash book ex: bank overdrafts etc

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What is BRS?..

Answer / mehraj wani

Bank Reconciliation Statement is to odd out the
discrepancies between the Bank Cash Book and the Customer
Pass Book. E.g, if a customer has deposited a cheque and
the same has been entered in his Pass Book but the cheque
has been dishonoured by some facts, the discrepancy will
occur in the two books (i.e, Customer Pass Book and Bank
Cash Book, the Customer Pass Book will show higher amount
and the Bank Cash Book will show the lower amount. The
difference between the two will be the difference of the
cheque dishonoured.

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What is BRS?..

Answer / abdul hannan

BRS is nothing but it is the system to reconcile or rectify
the errors or differences between the bank book and the
cash book which occurs in the due course ...

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What is BRS?..

Answer / vidhya

BRS is a Bank Reconciliation Statement. It is prepared to
reconcile the bank pass book with the company's bank book.
It is usually prepared by the company at it's month end.
It gives the clear picture of all the cheques issued but
not cleared and the cheques deposited but not realised.

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What is BRS?..

Answer / gowtham

brs is bank reconsolication statements gives the
difference between the bank pass book and cash book

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