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What is Petty Cash Book?

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What is Petty Cash Book?..

Answer / sri kumar

It is a cash book used to record day to day petty
disbursements like cost of xerox copy, postage, stationery
etc. it will be maintained by a separate cashier called
Petty cashier.

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What is Petty Cash Book?..

Answer / rajesh

Petty cash is a cash book used to record all petty or small
expences incurred. EX tea,xerox,p&t.

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What is Petty Cash Book?..

Answer / prince

Maritain the petty cash book is to obtain analysis of
expenditure. The book will have one column on the debit side
to record receipt of cash and credit side is divided into
different column.Each column is reserved for one particular
type of expenditure.

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What is Petty Cash Book?..

Answer / peeyush

A business firm faces a large number of monitary
transactions.Reciept and payment of cash holds most
important part in it. there will be some small cash
transactions say below 100/- or below 500/-. Entering all
these in the main cashbook will create overburden of works
to the Accountant. To avoid this a petty cash book is
maintaining by firms by the petty cashier. expenes of tea
for guests, postage paid, xerox copies etc comes in this
petty cash book. So it is the cash book for petty or small
expenses. The Cashier maintaining the petty cash book is
called petty cashier

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What is Petty Cash Book?..

Answer / pooja poojari

Petty cash Book is a book where a day to day cash
transaction with small amount is recorded. A fixed amount
is given to a cashier to meet the small expenses for a
fixed period of time. The debit side has only one column
for recording the receipts. The credit side has various
column according to the expenses conducted.

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What is Petty Cash Book?..

Answer / janet moses

petty cash book to record how the cash available for day-to-
day expenses are spent, eg milk, tea, postage and taxi

This book (or page of your spreadsheet) records expenditure
paid by:

- cash

- personal, rather than business, cheque

- credit card (whether business or personal)

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What is Petty Cash Book?..

Answer / hassan ahmed khan

It is another cash book which is maintained, generally, in
large business concerns to reduce the burden of 'Main Cash
Book', in which numerous transactions involving petty
(small) amounts are recorded. For this purpose, a petty
cashier is appointed by the chief cashier. The chief
cashier advances a sum of money to the petty cashier to
enable him to meet petty expenses for a fixed period. The
petty cashier will record this amount on the debit side of
the petty cash book while the chief cashier will record the
same amount on the credit side of the main cash book.

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What is Petty Cash Book?..

Answer / muhammad tariq

Petty cash is an amount which is given to use for all
regular small expenditures like entertainment, fuel,
conveyance, cartage and any other expenditure according to
the business.

Actually the Petty cash is an assistant of cash book.
Total amount of all accounts of petty cash is transfered in
the cash book headwise.

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What is Petty Cash Book?..

Answer / piu

Hassan Ahmed Khan

is bad

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What is Petty Cash Book?..

Answer / sarfaraz

petty cash is a cash record book in which maintain daily expenses, like snacks,printing and stationary,Labor,courier and office maintenance charges.etc
means its a daily petty expenses be record in a petty cash book by a petty cashier.

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