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What is RONA?

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What is RONA?..

Answer / k. narasimha praveen

RONA means return on net Assets

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What is RONA?..

Answer / anuj sharma ( ibs-g)

RONA is return on net assets. It is net revenue divided by
fixed assets plus net working assets. Higher the RONA shows
that higher the ratio higher the perfornmance of the

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What is RONA?..

Answer / chandu

return on net assets

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What is RONA?..

Answer / subramanyam

Return on net assets.

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What is RONA?..

Answer / vibha

return on net asset

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What is RONA?..

Answer / stan

To clarify what another was trying to say - the ratio is net INCOME (not net revenue) divided by (FA + Net WC)

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What is RONA?..

Answer / sarika

tanx praveen

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