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what is force complete

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what is force complete..

Answer / fred

Just to make it clear ,

If job A triggers job B and job B in turn triggers job C.

Job A -> Job B -> Job C

If A abend for some reason,
Force completing the job A would mean that the job B would
start and the cycle complete.

It is like making the scheduler system believe that the
abended job has completed and you carry on with your schedule.

On the other hand, Cancelling the job A would mean that the
Job B would wait indefinitely for job A to finish which will
never happen.


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what is force complete..

Answer / selvaraj

force complete

making the current job to skip and let the jobs which are
triggered by that job to run .

Flow of jobs(triggering) is:


Phw0001a failed & asked to
Force complete the job Phw0001a means
Phw0001a will be skipped &
Phw0001b will run ...

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