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What is IPO?

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What is IPO?..

Answer / aman

IPO means Initial Public Offer. This is the first listing
of companies share on the floor of stock exchange so that
the share can be publically traded in the market. N.A.V of
IPO starts with Rs.10, it might be increase or decrease
when IPO opens

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What is IPO?..

Answer / rima

Initial.Public.offerings it is a stock which is issued by
the company to the public in order to raise the funds form
the public.If the company makes profit they share some part
of profit given to the public by the way of ipo only .There
are some companies who dont believe in ipo because they
think that why do they have to share profits of the company
with the public

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What is IPO?..

Answer / nageswara rao uppuluri

IPO Stands for Initial public offer, A Company first time issue the shares to public in the Capital market.

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What is IPO?..

Answer / deepak

IPO is Initial Public Offering. This is the first offering of shares to the general public from a company wishes to list on the stock exchanges.

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What is IPO?..

Answer / srinivasa murthy

Initial Public Offer, as the name itself suggests that any
company wants to raise to raise capital it may go for
issuing shares to the public so that it would raise the
anticipated capital.

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What is IPO?..

Answer / vijay kumar yadav

its initial public offer.which is raised by a company for
collecting fund forn new project

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