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What is meaning of audit trail in hplc

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What is meaning of audit trail in hplc..

Answer / s jagadeesh chandra

Audit trail is regulatory requirement.Pass word procted.

Audit trails will gives us accountubility.The auditor will
clearly identifies what had happened by observing audit

Audit trail will keeps a record of all the changes we do ie
deleting,correcting,editing the data.Software log ins and
log outs.System shut downs and start ups.Method changes,
errors occured etc.

Audit trails will not be attributed to hplc only.It can be
used for other instruments also like gc,ir,uv etc... if the
software we are using permits.

we can say more about audit trails but i explained briefly.

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What is meaning of audit trail in hplc..

Answer / kishore

it will shows all the modifications whatever we done in the
analysis like method changing,report chenges ,which person
done the modification etc.

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What is meaning of audit trail in hplc..

Answer / akash patil

audit trail in HPLC is the any how to run programme in that that various instrument that will create the electronic data and it will be Traceble and attributable

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