What is SEBI?

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What is SEBI?..

Answer / vasu.a

security exchange board of india

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What is SEBI?..

Answer / nitya

any company when issue capital they are required to frame
their proposal in conformity with the guidelines issued by
SEBI(security and exchange board of india).SEBI was
established in order to protect the investors..

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What is SEBI?..

Answer / shruti

SEBI is a board established by govt. of india in 1991 after
Harshad mehta scam.It's main function is to stop fradulant
activities of stock market. it has full control over stock
market.It ensure smooth functioning of capital market.

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What is SEBI?..

Answer / santosh

sebi security exchange board of india. it is located in
mumbai and it protects the interests of investors in
securities and promotes the development of the securities
market through appropriate regulation.

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What is SEBI?..

Answer / swathi

sebi stands for securities exchange board of india.which
controls the stock exchange and which protects investors.

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What is SEBI?..

Answer / dvh

sebi stands for securities and exchange board of india.it
is incorporated 1988 april.the main purpose is the protect
interst of investors and to regulate the secondary
markets.it is anon statutory body before 1988 after 1991 it
is statutory body.to regulate the insider trading.

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What is SEBI?..

Answer / sanjeev dogra

Security Exchange Board of India (SEBI)
SEBI control the stock Exchange. SEBI protect the investors
because all rules regulate by the SEBI.

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What is SEBI?..

Answer / vijay kumar yadav

sebi regulate all the company which is listed in sebi and
whole body of making rule and regulation for stock.

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What is SEBI?..

Answer / kumar kuruvatti

In 1988 the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)
was established by the Government of India through an
executive resolution, and was subsequently upgraded as a
fully autonomous body (a statutory Board) in the year 1992
with the passing of the Securities and Exchange Board of
India Act (SEBI Act) on 30th January 1992. In place of
Government Control, a statutory and autonomous regulatory
board with defined responsibilities, to cover both
development & regulation of the market, and independent
powers have been set up. Paradoxically this is a positive
outcome of the Securities Scam of 1990-91.

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What is SEBI?..

Answer / adnan

Security Exchange Board Of India

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