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The boiling point of 1,3 butadiene is -4.4 DC & the boiling point of Pentane is 36.1 DC. Then how come Pentane elute before 1,3 BD in GC analysis?

The boiling point of 1,3 butadiene is -4.4 DC & the boiling point of Pentane is 36.1 DC. Then ho..

Answer / surinder kumar

Gas -Chromatography is based on the adsorption mechanism i.e.
if a substance is strongly adsorbed on the columns then that substance will get eluted in the last moments.
as 1,3 Butadiene gets adsorbed strongly to the columns due to its resonating structures(charged,polar-polar interactions,polar-non polar interactions due to neutral structure)so it gets eluted later than pentane which has no such interactions with the columns phase

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