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Interview Experience

Interview Experience..

Answer / akhilesh mourya

Hi Friends,
This is Akhilesh Mourya from IGEC Sagar M.P.
I want to just express about a open campus drive of Consagous Technology Pvt.
Ltd. Indore, that was conducted on 23rd of May 2012 at Adina institute
of Engineering Sagar M.P. from 10 AM.
The recruitment process of Consagous Technology had three rounds:
1. Written Test
2. GD
3. Technical interview/HR

1. The first round was written test. The Paper was made up from two parts
technical and aptitude. It had total of 40 questions out of which 30
were technical and 10 questions were aptitude.
Those questions are:


i. Prototyping of a function means
a. call b. Declaration c. parameter passing

ii. What command in UNIX to go on backgroung.

iii. What is the output of following code:

class Mylist
public static void main(String args[])
int a=args[1];
int b=args[2];
int c=args[3];
System.out.println("Ram is "+c);

Output should be Ram is 2 then
a. java 222
b. java 0231
c. java 0232
d. java 021

iv. What is the output of following code:
class Myform
public static void main(String args[])
int a=5;
if(3>6 && a==5)
a. Compiler error b. true c. false

v. Waht is importance of generic function in .NET?


i. If a clock exactly show the 8 O'clock in the morning. What is the angle
between the hour hand
when the clock exactly show 2 O'clock at noon.
a. 90 b. 120 c. 180 d. 240

ii. Question based on up stream and down stream.

iii. Question based on time distance.

iv. Question based on percentage.

v. Question based on probability.
I feel just relax at duration of written test and attempt many questions of
them correctly. After 2 hours
the result was opened and We are only 21 students are qualified in the
first round.

2. Second Round was GD.That was started after half an hour from the result
of first round was declared.
We got the topic "Spirituality and Technology". The group had 21
students. After the discussion each
student was given a chance to express his/ her view on the topic. The
discussion was going up to 20
After discussion the GD conductor had adviced to us that, how should we
given the GD? and also discuss
some points about the topic. After 20 minutes the result was announced and
we are total 11 students are
selected in second round. After 15 minutes the 3rd round was started.

3. Third Round was HR and Techanical Interview. The questions that was
asked by HR and technical interviewer:

Q1. Tell me about yourself.
Q2. What are the access level in Database?
Q3. What is the difference between scriptlets and servlet?
Q4. What is the compiler of java?
Q5. Why java is a platform independent language?
Q6. What is 5 strength points and 5 weekness points?
Q7. What is your long term goal?
Q8. If I will give you another language to work rather than java so, Do you
Q9. What about your father?
Q10. How you able to pay the fee of college?
I gave the answers confidently, I felt nurvous something but after few
minutes I just felt so relax. After
completion of 3rd round as taken for each student, the result of third
round was announce in 15 minutes
and this is the time when I felt so nurvous but finally, I would like to
thanks to Consagous Technologies
to give me such a big opportunity to prove myself in my life, thank you so
much. I'm so happy ............. !
Overall only 5 students are selected. Thank You.

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