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what does the transformer connection symbol YNaod1 mean ?

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what does the transformer connection symbol YNaod1 mean ?..

Answer / lakshmi

Yna0d1 means star connected hv winding with neutral brought
out, auto transformer with 0 degrees displacement. lv
winding delta connected legging hv winding by 30 degrees.

Y = star connection
n = neutral brought out
a = auto transformer
0 = zero degrees
d = delta connection
1 = 30 degrees lag

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what does the transformer connection symbol YNaod1 mean ?..

Answer / sujeet pandey

you all people must be knowing about the symbols like YN and
d1 but what about a0. The 'a' represents that is
auto-transformer and 0 represents that there is 0 phase
difference b/w H.V. and I.V.(intermediate voltage) winding
since both are star-star. d1 means the transformer has a
tertiary winding which is delta connected and this delta is
lagging the H.V. winding by 30 degree.
There is no symbol for Intermediate voltage becoz all EHV
transformers are star-star connected.

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what does the transformer connection symbol YNaod1 mean ?..

Answer / amir

Y N = HV winding in STARā­ connected with NEUTRAL., a=auto transformer with IV winding, oy= open LV winding and STAR connected 1=angle of deviation 1°

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