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FIS Interview Questions
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how do u start web logic in your application


what is the database size you used?

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(1)In Cl Program,Are PGM and ENDPGM mandatery Keywords or not .If yes, please tell me why these keywords is necessary. (2)If we will not define these two keywords (PGMand ENDPGM) then any error will be come or not.

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what is BRS and how it is prepared in BPO sector?? Please answer fast.....

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wat is the difference between ...cobol and we compare of both

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I have dataset DS1 which has records say 1 2 3 4 5 ... ... etc And also I have second dataset DS2 whcih has records 1 3 4 5 6 8 .. ... Both the files are sorted and now I want to compare these files and write it into the third files if the records are matching.

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Write a code check the checkbox in the web table which is in the 4th row and fifth column (Use child item concept)

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Tell me how did you spend your last weekend.

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requirement is for combo box your expected value is str= "Denver.Frankfurt.London.Los Angeles.Paris.Portland.San Francisco.Seattle.Sydney.Zurich" you must get the text in combo box and need to compare them how


requirement is for combo box your expected value is str= "Denver.Frankfurt.London.Los Angeles.Paris.Portland.San Francisco.Seattle.Sydney.Zurich" ar = Window("Flight Reservation").WinComboBox("Fly From:").GetContent your actual value is : that shows data in combo box how can u test the both data is correct or not by using split function

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I have DATE filed like DD-MM-YYYY, So I want output should be MM/DD/YYYY using JCL? Can anybody post the answer for above requirement?

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HOw Hash Partion Works Thank you in Advance i have doubts on Hash Partion TEch Could please give me the clear understandable notation example e_id,dept_no 1,10 2,10 3,20 4,20 5,30 6,40 i have TWo Nodes/Three Nodes My questions are: 1).if i select hash key as e_id how Hash partion will distribute the data in to two NOdes/three NOdes 2).if i select hash key as dept_no how Hash partion will distribute the data in to two NOdes/three NOdes

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why do fans generally rotate in anti clock wise direction??

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What is working capital...?

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Un-Answered Questions

can u share your though about test leakage matrix with template?


what is the difference between Cv and air consumption? why the customer needs Air consumption details?


my english is not too good then what we apply for a php programer post


Hi I'm using data federator.I would like to know if it allows select statment in where clause.For example: SELECT Employee, company, orgunit FROM TAB_BIG WHERE employee IN (Select TAB_SMALL.employee FROM TAB_SMALL WHERE flag = X ) bye


How were the reports scheduled and how to resolve unexecuted documents?


what is is the potential diffrence between two phase ?


hi Friends ,willany body tell me what is the Scope for the automation Testing inht Future is their Or not And what is the Top Most Level in the testing section according the Pay scale


how to i add the values using the check points property?( i.e valid data(for valid data it's giving the footer message:value is added) and for invalid data: special chars, spaces,Duplicates and null values (in my page when ever we enter special chars, spaces and null values, it's giving the proper warning message and for Duplicates it's giving the footer message:"value already exists)?


what is rcp,if rcp disabled what happen?


What is Test methodology, Testing type , Testing approach, Testing technique & Testing methods. Explain with example.


How i should sellone the mobile phone when interviewer will ask sell this phone to me?


when we use mantis? how learn mantis?


When we have earthing mesh or underground earthing network in industrial plants, weather we have NT-S or NT-C-S kind of earthing system, so eventually weather we must use 4 or 5 wire in 400 volt level (For example 3×150+70 mm2 or 5×150 mm2) in this connection I would like to know exactly the paragraph of IEC or IEEE number


now a days essential oils are different from volatile oils.why?


can anyone tell me the program to compare two files and write matching records to a file and unmatched to another in mainframe.


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