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FIS Interview Questions
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how do u start web logic in your application


what is the database size you used?

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(1)In Cl Program,Are PGM and ENDPGM mandatery Keywords or not .If yes, please tell me why these keywords is necessary. (2)If we will not define these two keywords (PGMand ENDPGM) then any error will be come or not.

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what is BRS and how it is prepared in BPO sector?? Please answer fast.....

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wat is the difference between ...cobol and we compare of both

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I have dataset DS1 which has records say 1 2 3 4 5 ... ... etc And also I have second dataset DS2 whcih has records 1 3 4 5 6 8 .. ... Both the files are sorted and now I want to compare these files and write it into the third files if the records are matching.

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Write a code check the checkbox in the web table which is in the 4th row and fifth column (Use child item concept)

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Tell me how did you spend your last weekend.

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requirement is for combo box your expected value is str= "Denver.Frankfurt.London.Los Angeles.Paris.Portland.San Francisco.Seattle.Sydney.Zurich" you must get the text in combo box and need to compare them how


requirement is for combo box your expected value is str= "Denver.Frankfurt.London.Los Angeles.Paris.Portland.San Francisco.Seattle.Sydney.Zurich" ar = Window("Flight Reservation").WinComboBox("Fly From:").GetContent your actual value is : that shows data in combo box how can u test the both data is correct or not by using split function

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I have DATE filed like DD-MM-YYYY, So I want output should be MM/DD/YYYY using JCL? Can anybody post the answer for above requirement?

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HOw Hash Partion Works Thank you in Advance i have doubts on Hash Partion TEch Could please give me the clear understandable notation example e_id,dept_no 1,10 2,10 3,20 4,20 5,30 6,40 i have TWo Nodes/Three Nodes My questions are: 1).if i select hash key as e_id how Hash partion will distribute the data in to two NOdes/three NOdes 2).if i select hash key as dept_no how Hash partion will distribute the data in to two NOdes/three NOdes

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why do fans generally rotate in anti clock wise direction??

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What is working capital...?

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Whis is not false in primary key?


is it possible that the all water IN WORLD will be LOST???


How have you used MASS tool in your last project, and to upgrade what data?


What would be the issues while executing Exhange revaluation where muliple company codes, multiplal operating concerns and multiple controlling area exists ?


Please give me customization setting for FI/Co - CIN? up to vendor/customer invoice posting for excise/service tax / withholding tax? as a fi consultant what are the settings to be done? pls is there any website for the CIN separately for self learning? rgds, Bindu


Normally they r setting question 4rm time@distance,time@work,ages,cisterns@pipes,etc


How do you administer Connection Pooling in IIS 4.0?


What is the use getservent(3)?


Explain List of programming languages for artificial intelligence?


I am designing new project sub station with 220 kV / 11 kV, 40 MVA capacity. This project have many recifier sets, which can generate 3rd harmonics. Now I have to select vector group of This transformer. To minimise 3rd harmonics, what care should I take in selection of Transformer Vecrtor group? If it is Y-Y with open Delta tertiary then what should be the rating & voltage of Tertiary Winding?


What is unit weight of roadway layer.. 1.bitumen 2.sand 3.soil 4.concrete 5. aggregate give me some reference for this answers


How to Change the Windows wallpaper in code?


Sir,I have two years year gapping after the completetion of my 10+2.Then i had studied 1 year chemistry(hons)and had sat for part1 chemistry(Hons) exam..I got 60% in Hons also.I had sat Hons and Enginering Joint entrance exam together in the same year of 2008..But i got better opportunity and I switched to ECE..Sir,may i eligible to sit exams and interviews for any IT company,software technologies,consultancy company,electronics core company..??..thanks...




How much memory that we are using in Logshipping Concept?


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