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Answer / ranjit

Hi The test was an Online Test consisting of 3 phases as usual. The first
round was a General English round with Antonyms and Synonyms. The second
round was General Aptitude and qualitative analysis and finally the 3rd
round was Critical Reasoning.

Here are some questions i remember


# One popular question is if GFGFD is coded as SHOVEL what is BVCJT coded

# One other question that seems to reoccur is the biggest prime number
that can fit inside a 9 bit number.

Take the number of bit ( 9 here ) and calculate 2^bit number ( 2 power 9)
which is 512. Now look at the closest option from the list. Make sure its

# What is 576 to the base 5 or something similar

# One question in physics - (Momentum X Veloctiy) / Accelration X Distance
measurement units?

# if M represent Modulo Arithematic, R represent Round off, T represents
Truncation calculate the following M(737,5) - R(6.6) + T(7.1) .

# if @ - represent square and * represents Square root then calculate the
following @@-*16+@*8.

# A can do a work in X days less than B. B does the same work in Y days.
Both of them can do the work in Z days. Calculate X ( or Y).

# Given a Venn diagram a few questions based on that .

* A passage is given with blanks in the middle. given many options.we need
to choose the right ones.

There were more questions .

Critical Reasoning

Given Details:
(1) Ashland is north of East Liverpool and west of Coshocton
(2) Bowling Green is north of Ashland and west of Fredericktown
(3) Dover is south and east of Ashland C h et an aS
(4) East Liverpool is north of Fredricktown and east of Dover
(5) Fredricktown is north of Dover and west of Ashland
(6) Coshocton is south of Fredricktown and west of Dover

1)Which of the towns mentioned is furthest to the northwest ?
(a) Ashland
(b) Bowling Green
(c) Coshocton
(d) East Liverpool
(e) Fredericktown

2). Which of the following must be both north and east of Fredricktown?
(I) Ashland
(II) Coshocton
(III) East Liverpool
(a) I only
(b) II only
(c) III only
(d) I and II
(e) I and III

3. Which of the following towns must be situated both south and west of at
least one other town?
(a) Ashland only
(b) Ashland and Fredricktown
(c) Dover and Fredricktown
(d) Dover,Coshocton and Fredricktown
(e) Dover,Coshocton and East Liverpool

4. Which of the following statements, if true, would make the information
in the numbered statements more specific?
(a) Coshocton is north of Dover
(b) East Liverpool is north of Dover
(c) Ashland is east of Bowling Green
(d) Coshocton is east of Fredericktown
(e) Bowling Green is north of Fredericktown

One more question was given.

O,P,Q can cause R
P,Q can cause S
R or S can cause X or Y only if R or S was caused by P or Q.

Which event has the longest chain of events?
Which event has the shortest events etc.

There was no negative marking. Each section had 20 minutes, 40 minutes,
30 minutes .

TIME MANAGEMENT is very important.

Better luck.

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